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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11, new developments in a murder an prince george's county playground. friends and family gather to remember the man who died. >> thank you for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. the violent crime has brought together two families who never knew each other. mola lenghi is here. >> reporter: scores of people
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gathered here to remember douglas reyes. at the very spot where police said he was randomly killed. >> reporter: they cried for 24- year-old douglas reyes, who friends and family say never cried or felt sorry for himself despite his disability. >> reporter: reyes was partially paralyzed among other things for a childhood car accident. he was sitting on a park bench when detectives say alex jones randomly walked up to him and stabbed him to death. tonight a memorial at the very spot where he died. >> he didn't deserve to die like this, you know. he was only a kid, and he couldn't defend himself. >> reporter: his brothers said he was friendly, talkative, personable, always smiling, and if he wasn't, he was looking for at reason to. >> he was all about having fun, watching cartoons and enjoying life to the fullest. >> he didn't care who you were. he just liked to hang out with you, laugh with you.
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>> i appreciate all the friendship you gave him, extending out to him, and sometimes things -- i don't -- >> reporter: an unfinished thought for an unfinished life, but a life that touched so many people. >> he showed me you don't have to be normal to succeed. he showed me you don't have to have your complete physical body to go somewhere. >> for this man to do that, he was really sick. >> reporter: jones' mother is shocked at her son's accused murderer saying he suffers from mental health issues, but reyes' mother does not buy it. >> stop making up stories saying you have mental problems. you don't. you're responsible for what you did. >> i'm not looking for revenge. i would rather let god handle this. >> reporter: some say reyes was disabled, but that's not how
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those who loved him remember him. this attack was random and unprovoked. i'm mola lenghi, wusa9. new developments involving motorcycle mayhem on the beltway. dozens of cyclists clogged traffic to stage the crazy stunts on the highway. maryland state police are using these videos to get tag numbers and identify those bikers and charges could be coming. a montgomery county man has been reunited with more than $20,000 in electronics stolen from his car on christmas day. now solving the crime took quick thinking by the victim himself and plenty of backup from the police. garrett haake with the story you will see only on 9 tonight. >> if they knew what they had, it would be the jackpot. >> reporter: it just figures the one time eric, an engineer leaves his backpack overnight, thieves would take off with it.
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>> i had my two work laptops with a lot of my design files on there, and then three extremely expensive cameras that i use for projects at work. >> reporter: eric knew how hard it can be for police to catch grinches like these without videos or fingerprints to help. >> i felt hopeless. i sat outside in the rain, contemplating my life. what do i do at this point? >> a neighbor suggested he search the app offer up connecting local buyers and sellers. >> sure enough that morning, someone posted the exact camera stolen out of my car. >> reporter: what are the nods. >> highly unlikely. probably actually impossible. >> reporter: eric alerted police, and then he, his wife, and several friends started a bidding war, driving up the figure to a price that the thieves couldn't resist. eric and his wife agreed to meet them in this rite aid parking lot, but the police were coming too.
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>> they parked off in the distance, and the two thieves approached the car, and as soon as they approached the car, they showed the camera, and then the police came in. it's just like where you see the cops swarm them instantly. >> reporter: the cops snagged the two and reunited him with his stolen gear before he went to bed on christmas night. >> reporter: is that how you thought you would be spending christmas day? >> no, an emotional roller coaster, but a christmas we will always remember. >> what a great story and happy ending there. eric asked us not to use his last name since one of the suspects is out on bond. he added he is incredibly thankful to the montgomery county police for their help. new tonight a maryland man is in the hospital after flying through the windshield of a bus that came to a sudden stop at a red light just outside of the lincoln tunnel. the accident happened this morning as a baltimore-based private tour bus headed into
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manhattan. 68-year-old edward meerholm from maryland somehow only injured his head and shoulder. he survived because the bus windshield did not break the whole thing was quite the shock to the bus driver. >> unknown to me, someone was standing up, and he went right through the windshield. >> windshield has special safety glass, so it fell out in one piece on the ground. record flooding is projected along themy river after several days of torrential rain. 18million people are now under flood warnings, and at least 18 people in missouri and illinois have been killed, most of them when their vehicles drove into roads just covered with water. the epic storms are now headed east. 6inches of snow has been dumped on northern new england, and some areas are expected to see 10 inches by the time the snow stops. some 800 flights across the country have been delayed or
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canceled. there's rain coming into the dc area, and it looks like the morning drive should be clear for now. let's get to the latest from topper shutt. >> we are okay in the morning, but what i'm more concerned about, and we mentioned it this evening, the fog. frederick, 3 miles, only a quarter of a mile in dulles, and we are going to watch that carefully. we will look at that for you in a couple of minutes. 7:00tomorrow, no rain. temperatures in the 40s. no shortage of clouds, that's for sure. 10:00, 51 downtown, and 50 in fairfax, and 49 in silver springs, and by 2:00, a couple the of showers are popping up. not a huge deal. mid-50s, best chance of showers will be late in the day, around evening. this is 7:00 p.m., and now rain and showers on either side of i- 95, and maybe looking carefully, you will see the flex of yellow, indicating heavy to moderate rain, and that's how to route 52. we will come back, and we will take you all the way through
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new year's eve, updating the fog and the 3-degree guarantee. >> topper, thank you. for the latest weather information, download our wusa 9 app. you can get the live radar, 3- degree guarantee, and the extended forecast whenever you need it. out of prince george's county, a church's congregation is looking for a miracle to keep from being evicted. landlords said the church is half a million dollars behind in rent. the church leaders say the church has fallen behind, but they also say they poured money into the building and the community. here's the copastors. >> 13 years ago when new horizon moved into the property, it was fairly delaptated. >> we have invested $400,000 to $500,000 in the renovations. >> they fear that the neighborhood may be part of the
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move to evict them. tonight in montgomery county, friends and coworkers are mourning the loss of a 19- year-old who was hit and killed in a crosswalk. yes -- his friends said he was headed home from dynamic gymnastics. police identified the driver as 39-year-old juan oriana of silversprings. the investigation is still underway. in dc tonight, police are investigator separate shooting deaths in southeast washington. last night, kevin dennis-prater was killed. antonio darnell macer died 2 miles away. they are the 160th and 161st of the year up from 104 from last year. the union rep wanting the dc police officers says the city is fating a crisis, too
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few officers stretched to thin. there's 3800 officers on the force, and the union says some officers are leaving because of dissatisfaction with the chief and the department. >> we have a toxic environment inside of the department. we have heavy-handed discipline, unbelievably disruptive scheduling. >> the mayor says the city has been anticipating what she calls a retirement bubble and they have used overtime and other tactics to make sure there's no drop in police presence. the police department says while homicides are up this year, overall crime in the city is down. the so-called affluenza teenager and his mom are expected back in texas tomorrow after being tracked down in puerto vallarta mexico. he tried to disguise himself by dyeing his blond hair brown. during his trial a psychologist
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testified he suffered from affluenza, suggesting his parents' wealth left him with no sense of responsibility. it's believed he and his mom headed to mexico after a video surfaced showing him drinking at a game. >> i'm not satisfied with 4 months in a juvenile facility. we are asking he be moved to an adult court. >> his mother will be charged with hindering and apprehension. a student here is making a name for himself through poems. i'm ellison barber, and that story is in a moment. late breaking moments in campaign 2016. tonight one candidate drops out, and another is joking about the campaign stop where just one person showed up. down goes tyson. twitter lights up after the big
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in prince georges county tonight, there's a new youth -- the first for the county. ellis, n barber sat down with the 17-year-old who is growing up with words. good evening, ellison. >> reporter: dominic holder is a senior here, but in her spare time, he's a poet, about to be a published one. >> i go by a couple of names, -- i'm like a tick, ticking bomb -- make you smoke your dreams away on a high that never seems high enough. a lot of people are serious
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about aids, and with my poetry, i like to inform. i'm a lotto ticket, reward you with a lifetime of medical bills, debt, and regret. >> i make every hug seem yike already last. >> reporter: now she has written more poem than she can count, and she's the first youth poet. she had to impress seven judges and beat out the others to get the book deal that comes with it. >> i tiptoe my way into your bloodstream. >> reporter: her poetry is not about winning. >> it's about being inspired and inspiring other people. >> there's no real trend i would say with my poetry. sometimes it's about who i am or who i perceive others to be, and it's about how society views me. >> reporter: it's development, just like the 17-year-old who
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writes it. >> with every poem i hope someone hears me. one person will say i feel you, i get it. >> reporter: her new title is only the beginning. >> when the sunrises, you will see the question marks in the sky, scared to fall asleep because one day you may not rise. i'm a lotto ticket that will reward you with a lifetime of debt, medical bills, and regret. >> reporter: holder's book is going to be a collection of poems, and she plans to write completely new material for it, expected to be published this time next year. i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. >> judges started to accept applications for this in the fall. after they went through all the submissions, they narrowed it down to 13 people and the other 12 were given the tight of youth poet ambassador representing different parts of the county, she's the only poet
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gloriaette. the washington business journal reports the county park authority has issued a request for a proposal for a contractor to plan the course, and it would include zip lining and tight rope walking and the county would share in all the revenue. >> if you're one of those people who went out and got a real tree for the holidays, you want to mark your calendar. fairfax county will be collecting them during the first two weeks of january. trees collected between january 4th and the 15th will be recycled. if you put out a tree after that, you have to schedule a brush pickup. campaign 2016 tonight. donald trump touched down in iowa, escalating the attacks on democrat hillary clinton. the front runner is reviving memories of her husband's affair with monica lewinsky it comes just days before the former president will campaign in new hampshire for his wife. tonight george pataki has dropped out of the race.
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the former new york governor rarely made it above 1%, and he also kept -- tonight, here he is over the weekend, at an appearance in iowa. plenty of folks that day, but o'malley said only one person showed up to a campaign event in iowa last night, blaming it on bad weather but he did say even after a one-on-one, the voter remained uncommitted. mike tyson posted this video to twitter. he said he was doing okay on his daughter's pink hoverboard, and then he hits the ground with the huge boom, and his family starts to laugh. he posted #i'mtoooldforthis and
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#miketysonbreaksback. the force awakens could snag oscar nominations including best picture. because of its release date it missed out on the golden globe and sag award nominations, but it's been nominated best picture for the critics' choice awards. has good shot at that. >> i would think so. speaking of christmas trees, i still have mine up, yours? >> of course. >> mine is fake. >> mine is real. we will take it down after the new year. we have 2 weeks, too. we will talk about the 3-degree guarantee. i lowered it yesterday. good thing i did. >> let's take a look. i went for the high of 50 -- what did i say? it was 53. it was within 3, and that's 19 in a row. goin with 55 tomorrow. talking about december, i
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tweeted this out, 4 day in the 40s, 3 days with highs in the 70s. this is the warmest on record by far, and the average high right now, 45. and yeah, rewrite the books for december. live look outside, and satellite numbers, on 50, winds out of the northeast, and there's fog out there, concerned about patchy dense fog tomorrow, and temperatures in the 50s again. allyson will have the number in the morning. it's going to be chilly by friday, new year's eve day, and seasonal. we just have not had seasonal weather in 6 weeks. okay, futurecast, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, a lot of clouds. temperatures in the 40s, no rain. by 9:00, 49 downtown, and 48 in fairfax, and 48 also in silversprings, and lunchtime, back in the 50s. 54 or 55 in bowie, and 55 or 56 in dale city, and it's still dry. 4:00to 6:00, showers develop, and right now we are not going to put out a yellow weather alert it will not change your
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plans, and considering the alternatives for late in december, 50s and showers, that's a deal for this time of the year. 10:00, clearing out quickly in terms of rain. clouds linger, temperatures in the 50s, and then tomorrow night late, not that cold, but we begin to cold out a bit with temperatures upper 40s to low 50s. 52 at 11, and 55 at 1:00, and still dry, at least through 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon, and then on thursday, breezy, cooler late in the day, 55, just chilly. the cold, new year's eve night, but quiet, and then chilly on friday. 47degrees, and that's about average, actually. just a dose of reality, and we are looking at temperature in the 40s, saturday, sunday, and back in the low 50s monday and tuesday. finally bright. we have not had a lot of sunshi with the warm air, and quite brisk. >> thank you, topper. talking sports now with kristen. it's been a really good year for d.c. sports. >> it really has. great moments, and we asked our
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how is this for a headline? redskins get chip kelly fired. you like that, right? it may not be the complete truth, butt eagle's on saturday night was definitely the final straw. they announced early this evening they have parted ways with their head coach after nearly 3 seasons. he was 6-9 this season. 9 26-2overall, and he will be remembered for his personnel moves he made, getting rid of delaware shawn jackson and mccoy. melow trimble proved last season he was very good, but sometimes good players need guidance to become great. a special bond this year with the fifth year senior helping the sophomore become what everyone believes he can be. >> it hemmed a lot of ways,
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communication, seeing the floor and he was just constantly talking to him. they do feed off each other. and it came together quicker than we anticipated. >> college hoops today, just keep on rolling. and that's 17 points. earlier today we unveiled 6 of our top 9 moments of 2015. everything from bryce harper's 3-win game, to the birth of the classic. time to reveal the top 3 moments. number 3, june 20th, the $210 million man throwing the no hitter, the first of his career. he came within one strike of a perfect game with no pittsburgh but settled for the no-no. he said mission accomplished, but october 3rd he got his second no hitter, the first
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pitcher since nolan ryan in 1973 to throw two in a season. number 2, the dc sports trifecta, but it included two playoff games. the wizards and raptors north of the border, 106 taking the 2- 0 series lead. more drama here. the overtime with the win to even the series at a game a piece, and then the nats have less on the mind, but just as dramatic. escobar with the walkoff homer in the 10th. we just had a recent trifecta, number one. this past saturday night, doesn't get much better than this. the washington redskins capping off the unexpected turn around season by just going into philly and man handling their division rival to win the nfc east title, a place no one expected them to be, and as you can see, it brought life back to redskins' nation. that's why it's our top moment
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of 2015. >> certainly my favorite moment. >> good way to end the year. lifelong redskins fans. >> the 16th game doesn't count, you thought it was for a different reason early on.
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